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The Making of a Zimmerman

Meet David Zimmerman

Stunning Western Canadian Scenic Landscapes

Truly One of a Kind

David Zimmerman casts traditional Western Canadian wildlife and nature using contemporary fine art techniques. This unique fusion is what makes it so easy to spot a Zimmerman painting, and why discerning art enthusiasts seek to add these one-of-a-kind pieces to their private collections. 

Deep Textures

One of the signature hallmarks of a Zimmerman is the depth of texture found in every painting. Using a combination of gel mediums, fabrics, and foils, each painting invites viewers to stay a while and explore the painting’s unique character. learn more

Rich Colors

David Zimmerman paints with a rich pallette of oil colors painted in translucent layers over top of gold and silver foils.  “I prefer oil paints cecause I enjoy the ways they mix and blend, and the richness of color they provide,” says David. learn more

Brilliant Finish

The final painting is simply breathtaking because of how light dances off the sparkling resin finish coat.  While not exclusive to a Zimmerman painting, it certainly is a rare and sometimes risky techinque that you won’t encounter often. learn more

Bears, Moose, Elk and Other Rocky Mountain Wildlife

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