David Zimmerman Art

How to Hang Your Zimmerman Art

There's a Trick to Hanging a Zimmerman

Zimmerman paintings are quite heavy and require proper support

Supporting the Weight

For starters, the all-wood canvas and resin finish of these paintings make them a little heavier than a canvas painting of a similar size. 

The painting will come with heavy duty eyelets and hanging wire installed to support the painting properly on the wall. 

Be sure to use heavy duty wall anchors that can hold the weight.  Most hardware stores stock heavy duty hanging kits rated for 200 pounds.  As a rough guide, a 48” x 48” painting weighs approximately 20 pounds.   

Making it Sparkle

Like all paintings, proper lighting can showcase your artwork properly so that it stands out in the space it is hung.  A Zimmerman painting has a glossy medium that requires a different treatment than most artwork.  

While many paintings benefit from bright light shining directly onto the canvas, doing so with a Zimmerman will often create glare and obscure the details of the painting.  The best way to light your painting is directly above, with the lights shining straight down across the painting.  When this is done, the gold and silver foils, the built-up texture, and the resin finish will catch the light and make the painting shine.

Proper lighting makes a Zimmerman painting sparkle

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